Old habits die hard

I realized last night how easy it is to fall back into bad habits. Well, maybe not bad habits...but habits you'd forgotten you enjoyed because you hadn't been in the "right" environment for a while. Confused? Yeah, me too...it's way too early to be up after last night!

In college, I used to go out dancing at the clubs all the time...sometimes two, three, four nights a week. Then I met my (ex) husband, got married, settled down a little...we still went dancing, just not with the same regularity. Then we moved to Texas, where we never went out dancing and where I didn't have my girlfriends around to go out with, either. So it had been a while...but that all changed last night, when I went out in Harrisburg, PA with the alumni I work with. We started with dinner at Fisaga's (yum!), then went for drinks at Scott's before making our final stop at The Hardware Bar (which houses Eclipse nightclub)...and we totally rocked the house! The DJ was excellent, the floor was ours for the taking (including the fabulous girls-only metal cages!) and there were plenty of cute guys with decent dance moves...it was a fantastic night, made even better by fantastic company, that I could never do full justice to in words.

Oh, the memories it brought back! I hadn't realized just how much I missed the whole nightclub thing until I was there last night...dancing it up and having a total blast. Now if only I didn't still live in Texas, a thousand miles away from my girlfriends...

And I have to share a highly entertaining but completely brainless move one guy made last night. It goes something like this...Cute Guy pulls out his cell phone. Guy asks Girl if she wants his number. Girl tells Guy that she doesn't have her phone with her. Guy puts his phone back in his pocket and conversation ends. Hello?! If Guy really wanted to get in touch with this girl he's just kissed, why not just ask for her number? Why even bother pretending? 'Cause, Cute Guy? You just looked stupid.

Where I am: Lancaster, PA


Baxter said…
This is why you should meet all your western friends in Dallas. We know how to have a rockin' good time :-)
Dan said…
Now, going back to the "fabulous girls-only metal cages..." Pictures?

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