Who knew?!

So all these health experts out there keep telling us that exercise is good for us, not just in the lose-weight, get-in-shape kinda way, but also as a great way to relieve stress. Well, you know what? Those experts actually know something.

Right at the end of the work day, I got some really frustrating news about a school that is one of my top expansion prospects...there are lots of details that I could bore you with, but instead, I'll simply say that I have been working steadily on an expansion effort at this school since June. In that four months, I've invested a fair amount of money and time in preparing, so a kink in the schedule is not exactly welcome at this point. My stress level? Much higher than it needed to be, especially with the other projects I'm also focusing on this week.

Because I really needed to get out of the house and away from anything work-related, I decided to go for a walk. Not a stroll, mind you, but a walk...the kind that involves sneakers, a CD player and working up a sweat. Forty minutes and four laps around the bayou later, my perspective (and my stress level) were back to normal.

But consider this - if the experts are right about the whole exercise and stress thing, what else are they right about??

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Baxter said…
Yes, they are definitely correct about the whole exercise thing. I need to do it more than I do so I can forget the stress of work :-)
snowdogssd said…
Man oh man...
The list of things I could say about this blog. You just stepped into my world with that comment. ;)
The things I could educate you on.

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