Thank God for teddy bears

One of the things I've said you should know about me is that I own a teddy bear, Chris, to whom I'm deeply attached. I've had Chris since I was in the fourth grade (that's eighteen years, if you're wondering), and quickly adopted the habit of taking him with me when I travel. He went to Governor's Scholars with me for five weeks in high school, came along on fraternity road trips in college and, most recently, accompanied me on my two-week excursion to Kentucky. It's always nice to have a physical reminder of home when I travel, and it's fun to see the looks of awe I get from kids as I walk through airports carrying this bear.

But Chris isn't just a travel companion. He's my security blanket, too. He has a place of honor on my bed, and when I'm feeling particularly lonely or upset, I curl up in bed and hug him until I feel better. It's days like today that I'm glad I have that. I had a pretty upsetting moment this afternoon, and even though I felt a little better after I called Mom and cried on the phone, it wasn't until I crawled onto my bed and took a nap with Chris that I felt truly okay.

Isn't it odd how the smallest things can offer so much comfort? I firmly believe that everyone should have a teddy bear...because with a teddy bear, you can never be completely alone...and that's a good thing.


Baxter said…
I have my Pound Puppy named Nose Marie. I've had her since I was six. She actually lives in Broken Arrow with my parents right now, tucked into the covers on my bed at their house. While I'm in Norman, I have my raccoon that I bought specifically with high school graduation money to be my college stuffed animal. I tested the cuddliness of many animals before I settled on Ricky (also known as Hampton Mentor Smolen). When I finally feel like Norman is really home, Nose Marie will move down here with me :-) And I hope you're feeling better! Stuffed animals were created for days like that.

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