Stupid things people do... the landscaper using a leafblower to clean off the sidewalks around my apartment complex when it's raining and windy. Because those leaves aren't going to end up back on the sidewalk or anything. (I have a thing agains leafblowers as it is, but this went above and beyond.) the couple showing up late to the movie theater and having the nerve to complain about how slowly the ticket line is moving (when really it's moving along quite nicely). the other couple taking their kids, who look like they're about twelve (at the oldest!), to see an R-rated movie, especially when that movie is "A History of Violence." Don't get me wrong - it's an interesting and relatively good movie. But those kids really didn't need to see the lower half of a guy's jaw blown off, or the fairly graphic sex. For family outings, they have movies like "Wallace and Gromit." the old guy thinking that yelling at a girl from halfway across the beach is the way to hit on her. Seriously...she's not flattered by it, just annoyed. Why not try simply walking up to her and saying hi?


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