I hate being right!

So yeah...those holes in my bedroom floor and ceiling? I was pretty sure I knew what they were...but I was less than thrilled to have both the maintenance supervisor and a police officer confirm my suspicions that yes, indeed, they're bullet holes. That's right - bullet holes. As in, created by gunshots. For whatever reason, the guy who lives in the apartment downstairs decided to shoot two bullets through his ceiling, and then patch the holes on his side on his own.

Guess he didn't stop to think that he lives in a two-story building, and that the person in the apartment upstairs just might notice the two big holes in the floor...or maybe he thought that person would just ignore them. Well, sorry Mr. First Floor Shooter, but I did notice them, and I wasn't about to ignore them. So I don't know what it was you were doing or even thinking when you were playing with your gun, but I'm pretty damn happy the apartment complex will be evicting you.

Where I am: Home
What I'm reading: Circle of Friends by Maeve Binchy


The Rube said…
You can always count on stupid people to keep our days interesting...

Karen said…
I'm glad you weren't home. I mean, you could have been standing there and been shot in the butt! That would have been awful. I'm so glad...so freaking glad...you're ok.

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