Home Sweet (Holey) Home

Yay! I'm home from my two-week trip! And my apartment is just like it was when I left...well, almost. Thankfully, there doesn't appear to be any damage or negative effects from the sideswipe Rita gave the area. However, I did discover some interesting holes in my bedroom floor...

(yes, those are my toes...they're there so you can better understand the size of these holes.)

Even odder (and a bit more worrisome) are the multiple holes in my ceiling, right above the holes in the floor...

(It's difficult to tell in this photo, but the three larger holes are surrounded by a lot of much smaller holes, like spatter points.) Now I have a pretty good theory as to what might have caused these holes...but I've called in a work order to have the maintenance supervisor come tell me what he thinks they might be, and find out if he's heard anything about how they might have gotten there. (And for anyone interested in figuring out their own theory, it will be helpful to know that I live on the second floor.)

A little nerve-wracking...but hopefully, all will turn out well. Even with the unexplained holes, it feels good to be in my own place again.

Where I am: Home
What I'm reading: Frankenstein, book one by Dean Koontz


Baxter said…
Very skinny and persistent moles...very strange.
snowdogssd said…
My guess would be from a shotgun blast. If it went through your ceiling with that kind of pattern, and made holes in your floor, then that would be my guess.

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