Time to follow the doctor's orders...

Does anybody else go to the dentist (or some other doctor) and routinely disregard the advice they give you? Just me? Darn. That makes me feel even dumber.

For the past thirteen years, I've had one really awesome dentist. No, seriously...I get hugs when I go for an appointment. Who else can say that about their dentist?? Back in my freshman year of high school, when Dad was opening his dive shop, my dentist was opening her practice in the same little shopping center. We were new to the area...we needed a dentist...her office was convenient...and so it is that, all these years later, everybody in my family goes to Dr. Muse (and I mean everybody - parents, grandpa, aunts, etc.).

And for thirteen years, she's been telling me I need to floss. She's always telling me that I have "beautiful teeth", and that I take relatively good care of them...but that I still need to start flossing.

And for thirteen years, I have assured her that, yes, I will start flossing like a good dental patient, and then conveniently forgetting all about it as soon as I leave her office.

Then I went for a routine cleaning this morning...only to be told I had not one, but TWO cavities! I couldn't believe it! Moi, with my beautiful teeth...had two cavities? Well, apparently that's what happens when you don't floss, and something of the tooth-decaying variety gets into the space between two of your back teeth...you end up with side-by-side cavities. So now I have two lovely (and rather expensive!) white fillings where those cavities used to be, and a begrudging newfound respect for the advice I should have been listening to all along.

Does anybody else hear my dentist laughing and saying "I told you so!"?

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