Pins and needles

Let me tell ya...there's nothing like being a thousand miles from home and watching a hurricane draw closer and closer to where you live as it also grows stronger and stronger. Granted, my apartment is about half an hour inland, but the Houston area is notorious for flooding in normal rainstorms...I can't imagine what might happen with the rains of a hurricane coming onshore. Fortunately, I live on the second floor, but still. And then there's my truck, which is parked at the airport, and worrying about how badly the parking lots there might flood.

And then when I'm done worrying about my own place, I also worry about all the people who just transplanted themselves from Louisiana to Houston, and wonder if they won't find themselves facing more hurricane-related problems in their new homes.

Enough with the hurricanes already, Mother Nature!!

Where I am: Richmond, KY
What I'm reading: nothing at the moment


Baxter said…
You can send the CD to
3000 Chautauqua Apt 130
Norman, OK 73072. And woohoo! I'm excited to get it. And good luck with your truck weathering the storm :-)

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