Mmm, mmm, mmm!

So I finished up my visit at Rutgers University early this afternoon, and was able to spend the rest of the day doing other work in my hotel room. Then dinnertime came around. Now, I don't have a car for this of the alumni here has been generous enough to drive me wherever I needed to be for the past couple of days. And I could have called him to see if he wanted to go to dinner, but decided that a quiet dinner by myself at the restaurant in the hotel sounded worthwhile. So I grabbed my book and headed down.

Then I got to the lobby, and took a look at the menu posted outside. Eeks. Definitely a little on the pricey side...even moreso when my non-profit organization is picking up the tab. But the dishes on the menu sounded so good, and there are few enough options around the hotel, that I decided to treat myself to a nice dinner, on my tab. Because you know what? I don't eat out that much as it is, and I certainly don't have many opportunities for what I consider "nice dinners".

And I have to say - I'm so glad I treated myself! The food was absolutely delicious, the restaurant was quiet and relaxing, and the staff were extremely courteous and attentive. The shrimp fra diavolo was spicy and flavorful, the chocolate mousse cake (or whatever it was called) was the definition of yummy, and I totally enjoyed it. Spoiling myself is so much fun!!

Where I am: Edison, NJ (Rutgers University)
What I'm reading: Rose Madder by Stephen King


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