Break out your scissors!

After seeing two major hurricanes slam into the central Gulf Coast this past month, the question on a lot of people's minds is how they can help those who have been affected first by Katrina, and now Rita. For brothers or non-brothers who are looking for information on making donations or providing other forms of support, please stop by Phi Sigma Pi's hurricane relief page for ideas.

Although money and other practicalities are certainly necessary, I encourage you to take particular note of the box top and soup label collection that the fraternity is sponsoring. As these communities rebuild, the schools will be just as important as other facilities; but in many of the affected areas, the school districts were often strapped for cash even before the storms came through. Cutting off those little box tops, and peeling off the soup labels, is such a simple thing to do...and yet can make such a difference as the Gulf Coast moves forward.


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