The Best Customer Service Around!

Now I don't shop with LL Bean very often, but every time that I do, I am amazed at the cheerful, helpful people who work in their customer service center. In the four or five years that I've been ordering from their catalogs, I have yet to talk to someone who isn't bright as sunshine. It doesn't matter if it's eight in the morning, or eight at doesn't matter how complicated my order might be, or even how many questions I might have...they are always friendly, and so polite! They even make the required "would you like to apply for an LL Bean Visa card?" pitch sound good, and we all know how annoying those credit card pitches can be!

Most recently (as in Monday), they were even so kind as to look up my grandpa's ordering history, so I could make sure I bought him the right size shirt for his birthday. At some companies, they would have told me to just order what I thought was the right size, and he could return it later. But not at LL taking just a couple extra minutes, the wonderful lady taking my order made sure I got the right size, saving both me and my grandpa the hassle of exchanging an incorrect size later.

So the next time you're in need of even a small dose of great customer service, call the folks at LL Bean. You won't be disappointed!

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Adrianne said…
That's pretty great about LL Bean.

btw. Happy Birthday!

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