Almost as good

I love cats, and absolutely hate the fact that I can't have one right now. But as my mom so often reminds me, it would be a little difficult to take good care of the cat when I'll be traveling as much as I'm about to be. (What's that they say about moms always being right?) So I've resigned myself to the fact that it will probably be a few years before I have a kitty of my own.

But that hasn't stopped me from making friends with the cat that belongs to the apartment a few doors down. Isn't he cute??

He's also wicked spoiled, though! Every time he sees me, he comes running. By now, he knows that I will always stop for at least a couple of minutes to pet him and scratch behind his ears, even if I've already seen him three times that day. He will also follow me if he doesn't feel I gave him enough attention, usually trying to wind himself around my if he thinks tripping me will earn more attention. He's also gone so far as to jump in my truck as I was getting in, and even tried to follow me into my apartment!

Yet in addition to being persistent, he's so sweet, and totally trusting!! He lets me scratch his belly, and boy, does he purr!! I didn't know I'd missed the sound and feel of a cat purring until he started doing it. So I guess, if I can't have a cat of my own, being able to share some love with the neighborhood kitty is a good substitute.


Aussie Mama said…
My daughter's been after a kitten for ages....I'll have to give in soon I guess.

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