Will anyone else find this funny?

(Disclaimer - I have no idea whether this little story will amuse anyone else, but I've been laughing about it off and on for three days now, so I figured I'd share.)

Thursday evening, I went to Starbucks to hang out...I know, not all that exciting, but it gets me out of the house, which is more valuable than you might think if you work from home, like I do. So I ordered my usual - a java chip frappucino, extra mocha, no whipped cream. It's not that I don't like or can't have the whipped cream, but I figure I can probably do without that huge extra dollop of pure sugar sitting on top of my already caffeine- and sugar-laden frozen beverage.

A couple of minutes later, the super-nice barista-guy slides my drink across the counter, announcing its arrival as they do at all Starbucks, with a summary of its contents: "One java chip frappucino, extra mocha with no whipped cream." Exactly what I ordered, right? Except for the fact that there was a lovely swirl of whipped cream on the frappucino that he'd just announced shouldn't have any.

So, trying really hard not to laugh, I looked at nice barista-guy, and asked if he was sure there was no whipped cream on my drink. He looked at me, looked at the drink and burst out laughing as he pulled it away to scoop the cream off. One of those little moments that we all have, when we do something so routinely that a requested change can be overlooked...yet it was still minorly hilarious, to hear him so clearly state "no whipped cream" when there so obviously was. But kudos to him, not only for taking it in stride, but also for letting me have a funny moment at his expense. Whipped cream or not, it was yummy.

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Karen said…
I laughed. And I can totally see you saying that. Ha ha ha.
Baxter said…
I had a nice chuckle. Although I can't imagine my favorite carmel mocha frappuccino without the whipped cream :-)
The Rube said…
Not sure if I have your email address floating around anymore so I'm forced to write this in a comment :)

You found me, I found you. It's like it was meant to be. Keep up the posts. It's really great being able to see into other people's minds through their writings (and I mean that in a non-stalking kind of way).

And definitely shoot me an email (issrubin@yahoo.com) so I know I have your email right. We'll have to find some time to chill in the 281...
Ted D. said…
Pretty funny to me. It's a little sad how we just coast through life at times without paying attention to the details.

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