Target - the happy place!

Today wasn't exactly a great day. In addition to feeling a little overwhelmed by all the projects I have going at work, I was feeling a lot overwhelmed by relationship issues. But an evening at Target apparently cures all ills! I had to stop in to buy groceries, and ended up coming home with a pretty darn good mood, too. What could I possibly find in Target to cheer me up? (And no, it wasn't yummy beverage-type items!) How about all three of the Lord of the Rings movies, in widescreen format, for 10 bucks a piece! No, it's not some pretty packaged set, but honestly? I didn't want the extended edition, the special never-before-seen footage or any of that other stuff that they include to justify a ridiculous boxed-set price. All I wanted were the movies I saw in the theater, and maybe some behind-the-scenes features...and now I have them. Yay me.

I'll give you three guesses what I'm doing this weekend - but you'll only need one!

What I'm reading: The Virgin Suicides by Jeff Eugenides, and Strangers by Dean Koontz
Where I am: Home


Karen said…
Ha ha ha. I'm at work watching the third one right now! That is so cool. Enjoy!

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