The Grand Chapter recap

There's not enough room to include all the funny stories and incidents from this past weekend's Grand Chapter (such as two brothers serenading our outgoing VP of Chapter Development with "You've Lost that Loving Feeling" during roll call), so I'll offer a few photo highlights for everyone...

The primary focus of Grand Chapter is business. There are a lot of amendments to our National Constitution, a lot of parliamentary procedure, and this year, a LOT of motions to appeal the decision of the chair. (I think that should be banned...but I'm sure someone would say that's out of order.) As always, there were some points debated more heavily than others; but the one surprise was the alumni chapters finally receiving the right to vote. It may be limited only to national council elections, but I'm sure some of the alumni consider this a victory that was a long time coming.

Grand Chapter this year also saw one of our most distinguished and respected alumni, the amazing Gene Seevers of Alpha chapter, enter into special debate. Gene is a fascinating man who has not only maintained a commitment to our fraternity, but also immersed himself in its activities. He helps out wherever he can (including the registration table!), spends impressive amounts of time with the undergraduates, and more than anything, gives beautiful definition to our philosophy of "brother for life." (Just how "experienced" is he? Gene was inducted into PSP in 1951, before my parents were born...yeah.)

And this year's GC included the election of a new VP of Chapter Development for our National Council. What I found most interesting was the delegates' impression that, rather than serving as an overseer, this VP is directly responsible for our expansion efforts; I sensed from their points of debate that they see this person on the front lines, so to speak, as the person who handles the day-to-day matters of expansion. That's actually my area of responsibility, what I get paid a salary to do...but I don't mind the misunderstanding as long as I get to keep this job I absolutely love.

And on Saturday night, all the stress of voting and debating was vented during our first-ever dodgeball tournament. Let me just say that these brothers were perfect examples of why I don't play dodgeball. They threw hard!!

But my absolute favorite part of Grand Chapter (or any national event) is getting to see the people I don't see during the rest of the year. I particularly enjoy getting to see and meet the brothers from my own chapter. Beta O has made some steady strides in past years to become a known presence, and I am so proud of all they do!!

And last but not least are my kids in the Southwest. One of the most rewarding experiences as a consultant last year was getting to know the brothers in the Southwestern chapters. I really appreciate the ever-expanding insight into their concerns and challenges, and have enjoyed being a latecomer to their efforts. These brothers are determined, motivated and passionate about PSP - it's awesome to see.

Sadly, the fun had to end...but now that I've recovered from the sleep deprivation that comes as a natural complement to national events, I can honestly say that I can't wait for National Convention in Atlanta. And for those who were unable to be in Pittsburgh, you were sorely missed!! The peanut gallery just wasn't the same without you.


adri said…
It's a really common misconception that the VP of Chapter Development and the Committee (the CDC) actually find and start new chapters.
Baxter said…
Southwest...REPRESENT!! We love you, too!

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