Wisdom of the ocean

"I used to look for perfect shells, but as an adult
I began to love and value broken shells.
Because that is what happens to us.
There is a natural chipping away
that I accept as part of the human experience"
- Sue Monk Kidd

These are the shells I found at the beach today,
and though only one of them is whole,
I found each of them irresistible.
Perhaps it's the marine biologist coming out,
but I love seeing the insides of the shells.
And after finding this quote a few months ago,
I seem to appreciate the broken shells even more.

Perhaps, like a seashell, it's not the perfect life
that is most beautiful...maybe the most beautiful life
is the one that has been tossed around in the waves,
but still has beauty and value
underneath the chips and cracks left by its journey.

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Baxter said…
Very wise :-)

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