A trip to the Chocolate Factory

While some friends (ahem - Karen) were anxiously awaiting their date with Harry Potter this weekend, I had my eye on someone more quirky than mysterious, someone more likely to have a chocolate bar than a magic wand...Willy Wonka. I've had the release date penned in my planner for months, and this weekend, it was finally time to see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"!

Everyone should see this movie! Johnny Depp turns in yet another fantastic performance, and the visual impact is amazing. And though you can certainly see Tim Burton's eccentric influence, the movie stays true to the original story while also adding a great side story the original didn't have.

Speaking of the original, I know a lot of people will try to decide which is better. But I don't think you can compare the two, in part because of the immense difference in available special effects then and now. They're both very entertaining, and I'd want both of them in my movie collection. So once all you people out there finish reading about the Half-Blood Prince, go see the Oompa-Loompas.

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Karen said…
Well my Half Blood Prince was really good. I suggest you read it. Of course only after you've read the first 5 or it just won't make any sense.

Charlie and the Chocolate Facorty is on my Thursday to-do list. (We have a day game and I'm outta here at like 4.) So excited.

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