One more down, dozens to go

For a very long while now, I have been extremely behind on my movie-watching. No, really. The fact that I have seen three movies in the movie theater in the past month is a huge anomaly. And Blockbuster? I'm surprised nobody has called to find out if my membership card was stolen, because I've rented more movies in the past couple of months than I had in the past year.

But slowly, one movie at a time, I'm catching up, or at least trying to before I start traveling again in a couple of months. This week, the movie of choice was "Wicker Park". The preview looked very intriguing (when I saw it many months ago), but that intrigue was nothing compared to the actual film. The insight into people's intentions and motivations, the twists and turns of the plot, the curiosity of whether the villainess will crack completely...loved it! And to top it all off, it stars Josh Hartnett. He's just fun to look at.

So if you're like me, and a little behind on movies, I highly recommend moving "Wicker Park" closer to the top of your list. You'll really enjoy it.

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Karen said…
I think you should Netflix like the rest of us, so we can totally stalk you and make crazy suggestions like Adrianne does to me regularly. :) It's cheaper in the long run compared to Blockbuster and seriously, it comes right to your door!

Ok, I'll stop with the commercial. I liked Wicker Park too. Not what I expected, but not bad. OH! And Phantom of the Opera is sitting on my television waiting to be watched. Maybe tonight.

Have fun this weekend. Give the kids my love!

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