The music of the night

Well, actually, it was the music of the afternoon...but the performance of "The Phantom of the Opera" was absolutely phenomenal nonetheless!! Going in, I had little idea what to expect visually...I'd never seen any performance of the story before, not even the recent movie adaptation...all I knew was the general (and I mean general) story. The only experience I had with the Opera Ghost at all was the music - in high school, one of my closest friends was somewhat addicted to The Phantom, and I acquired his taste for the beautiful score. Today, I finally have images to put with the music, and what equally beautiful images they are!

The sets, the costumes, the effects...were stunning. And there don't seem to be adequate words to describe how captivating the performance was - the best I can come up is that within the first five minutes, I was hypnotized. When the first notes of the opening overture began, I got chills, and that pressure in my chest that happens when something beautiful takes your breath away. The power and presence of the singers' voices and of the music - I didn't know a performance could be so moving. There is such talent in this company, such awe-inspiring ability...I am so thrilled I had the opportunity to see this play.

There is a reason this is such an enduring (and endearing) musical - it is magic, love, mystery and intrigue, all on one stage. Everyone should see this performance at least once in their lives, and let the "Angel of Music" draw you in.

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Karen said…
I just totally Netflixed the Phantom of the Opera movie. I am/was like you in only knowing the general story, but hearing the score a bajillion times. So, I'm totally stoked about finally being able to see it!

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