A moment's peace

Oh, what a beautiful night!! When I got home from Starbucks this evening, it was raining...not a drenching downpour, or a miserable drizzle...but that gentle rain that hits the rooftops and the ground just hard enough to create a relaxing patter. Even better, the rain had brought along a mild temperature and cool breeze. So I got to sit on my balcony, in my comfy camping chair, for the first time in weeks and weeks and weeks...and for a short while, everything in my little world felt perfect. No worries, no stress, no heartache, no responsibility...just a peaceful respite, listening to the rain and seeing the wind rustle the leaves in the tree next to my apartment. I felt so calm, so at peace with the whirlwind of my life, so ready to face whatever comes my way. It was the type of moment you wish you could store away, and return to whenever you needed it...the type of moment when all's right with the world, even for the briefest flicker in time.

How sad that those moments are so rare...but maybe that's what makes them so special.

Where I am: Home, listening to the rain
What I'm reading: Learning to Fall by Philip Simmons, and Seals in the Wild by Fred Bruemmer


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