Mission accomplished!

As much as I love shoes, I hate shopping for them. I'm way too picky, way too particular...they not only have to match whatever outfit I need shoes for, but also I have to really, really love them. (If I settled for just liking them, I'd have more shoes than I knew what to do with!) So it has happened in the past that I've spent hours shoe-shopping, only to come home aggravated and empty-handed.

But today, I was on a mission. Last month, I bought this really great pair of pants for work, but didn't have a pair of heels to go with them. Since I want to wear the pants at the business conference next week, I had no choice but to brave the shoe stores today. Thankfully, the shoe gods were smiling on me! Not only did I find this fantastic pair to go with my new pants -

- but I also found these clogs.

They're so purple and adorable!! It's not often that I find shoes this cute when I'm not looking, so I just couldn't pass them up. Two pairs of shoes in one trip - that's what I call a good afternoon!


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