Can we skip summer?

Don't get me wrong...I love the summer. Going to the beach, enjoying the long most places, summer is a wonderful time of year. Unless you live in the great state of Texas, complete with heat, heat and oh yes, humidity. Would you believe that we've had 90-degree-plus temperatures for the past 29 days straight?! That's right...every day since June 2 has had temperatures above 90. "I'm melting, I'm melting...."

Anyways, normally, three days a week, I drive over to the next neighborhood to walk some laps around this great bayou that sits right in the middle of a few different developments. It's usually pretty deserted, so it's peaceful and makes for good exercise. On Monday and Wednesday, I braved the heat and did my laps, like the good exerciser I'm trying to be. But I just walked down to get the mail before I headed off, and it's beyond hot outside. It's a roasting, withering, scorching blanket of smothering heat. (The more scientific description, courtesy of the weather experts, is 99 degrees, with a heat index of 109.) I think I'll stay home. Yoga in an air-conditioned apartment sounds much more appealing.

Where I am: Home
What I'm reading: Learning to Fall by Phillip Simmons

Edited, 4:15 p.m. - But somebody has a sense of humor. Not a minute after I hit the Publish button, I heard the sweet sound of rain falling outside my window. I'm still not going walking...but maybe this will at least cool things off a degree or two.


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