An all-around good weekend

I had the nicest three-day weekend, although I admit I'm starting to feel a little spoiled...first, a week's vacation, and then a three-day weekend. Sweet! Even better, it was the perfect combination of getting things done, and being luxuriously lazy.

Saturday, I got a bunch of errands run - the post office, the shoe repair place, the library, and most importantly, the auto repair shop, to get my truck's AC fixed. I also got some work done on my scrapbooks, which is always a good thing. Then Sunday I got to go to the beach. Man, it was beautiful out there...sunny, with the occasional cloud and the perfect breeze coming off the water. And today, I went to see "Madagascar"...which was so much fun! There were maybe a dozen people in the theater, so it was almost like having the place to myself; and the movie is funny, and endearing, and entertainingall at once. Oh, and the penguins rock! I highly recommend it!

The only thing that could have made my weekend better was seeing the fireworks tonight. Being in the Houston area, I certainly had plenty of options...but for various reasons (which I won't bore all of you with), I made the difficult decision not to go see them. But I'm still a little sad...this was the first time in at least eight years that I haven't gotten to see the Fourth of July fireworks. And I LOVE fireworks! I did get to see some highlights on television, although it just wasn't the same as being there, hearing the sizzle, smelling the smoke, feeling the thump in your chest as they explode...but maybe next year.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend, and here's to a great four-day work week!

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