I was listening to the radio this morning while I was eating breakfast, and the DJ's were asking callers for crazy or funny graduation stories. Their (and my) humor quickly turned to outrage when a local mother called and told them that her child's high school (and seven others) were holding their graduations this weekend at the football stadium that houses the local NFL team, which seemed pretty cool to me (considering that my high school graduation did, in fact, occur on our high school's football field, which could never compare!). But the kicker, this mother revealed, is that all of the 600-some families of those graduates were told Wednesday evening (only three days before the ceremony!) that no cameras (still or video) would be allowed into the stadium.

Does anyone else think that's just completely wrong? This is a high school graduation...a day these students (and their families) have worked toward for the past eighteen years. And they won't be allowed to take pictures of the day? They won't be allowed to film their son or daughter walking across the stage to receive their diploma? They won't even have the (ridiculous) option of buying a profesionally-filmed video, because their school hasn't made those arrangements?

What a shame that marketing rights and corporate policies are ruining the amazing experience that a high school graduation is...not to mention that it's pretty sketchy that the school waited until just a couple of days beforehand to make the announcement, when they've probably known about this for many weeks. And besides - hasn't anyone heard of that little thing called a camera phone?! Do the stadium people really think they're protecting their image by implementing this policy? What stupidheads!!

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