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So earlier this week, my friends and fellow consultants came to visit me for a few days. We had the best time relaxing and laughing and catching up with each other in what will probably be our last time together in a while.

Saturday evening, after they arrived on three separate flights in three separate terminals in a span of ten minutes (yeah, that was a complicated pick-up!), I introduced them to the deliciousness of Chuy's, margaritas and all.

Sunday, after sleeping in, we headed down to the beach. The weather didn't cooperate very well, was overcast and windy and cold. Yuck! So we went down to the Strand and played tourist, complete with ice cream at LaKing's.

Where's the sun?!

Monday morning, we visited the Space Center before heading down to the beach again. Thankfully, this time it was beautiful and sunny, and we were there late into the afternoon.

Tuesday morning, after convincing Kristy that Moody Gardens would be more fun than the art museum, and we visited the aquarium, where we had a great time seeing all the animals and fishies. We wrapped the day up with lunch at Pappa's downtown, so Josh could say he had tasted Houston BBQ. (But then he ordered pork...silly boy!)

Making friends with the stingray

It was so wonderful to have them visit! My house was so quiet and empty after they left, and going back to work Wednesday morning after such a nice vacation was definitely hard.

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Karen said…
I (heart) stingrays. Looks like ya'll had a great time!!

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