So first, I have a small apology to make to anyone who has asked me in the past few months what I planned to do when my current position ends on the 31st...because unless you were one of a very few select individuals, I blatantly lied to you and said that I didn't really know, and was exploring my options. (Although I'm sure a few of you smarty-pants out there put it together yourselves, I still feel bad for not telling you directly.) The truth is, I've known for quite a while now, and was just waiting for my company to make the official announcement. But today they finally posted the news on the website, so I can tell anyone who will listen:

I got promoted!!!!

As of next Wednesday, I will be the Director of Expansion for my fraternity, responsible for the activation of chapters at colleges and universities that don't have one. It's pretty exciting, too, not just for the obvious reasons, but because this is a brand new position with a brand new game plan that I get to implement. I'll probably be working my tail off, too, but you won't hear me complaining. Professionally speaking, nothing beats getting to work for an organization you love and are personally vested in, and that makes getting this promotion even more special and valuable. (Of course, it also means a gigantic sense of responsibility and obligation...but we'll talk about that some other time!)

So that bouncing? That's me, bouncing off the walls with excitement.

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