"Salt air makes any book better."

I don't know who said it, but salt air really does make books better, and just about anything else, too. After a long couple of weeks, I decided to partake in some beach therapy today. I started with a visit to the Galveston Book Shop and LaKing's Ice Cream Parlor on the Strand...then, I found a spot on the beach and settled in. It was wonderful!

The sound of the waves coming in was unbelievably soothing, the sun seeping in to my skin was ultra-relaxing, and the smell of the salt air was so calming...for a couple of hours, I felt completely removed from any worries or concerns. I got to snooze, read, hunt for shells - all this under a beautiful sunny sky cooled ever so slightly by an ocean breeze. It never fails: a trip to the beach makes everything better!

Where I am: Home
What I'm reading: just finished The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King


Anonymous said…
hmmm.maybe that's what I need too. a day of sitting in the galveston sand. it is only about an hour drive afterall....~yogagirl

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