My Florida trip has jumped the shark

For those who haven't heard the phrase "jump the shark", it was coined to describe the turning point in a television show's evolution when it simply goes downhill. I don't really know where they got such a weird term, but I think it's a funny phrase and use it occasionally to describe any situation whose time has come.

As much fun as my Florida trip has been, I realized today that it has jumped the shark...I'm ready to go home, sleep in my own bed, spend quality time with my husband, and not miss all of the other comforts of being at home. What brought about this epiphany? After all of my seminars were finished this afternoon, I had the biggest hassle getting back to my hotel. There's supposed to be a hotel shuttle to and from the convention center, but I was told when I called the front desk (a second time) that it would be at least half an hour before the van would even be available to pick me up. Instead of waiting, I decided to take a 15-minute trolley ride through town to get to my hotel. Now the trolley ride wasn't fact, it was kind of fun. But the hassle made me realize that I want to go home.

After almost three weeks of relying on maps and not knowing where simple things are and staying in hotel rooms or other people's apartments, I'm ready for knowing where to find a Barnes and Noble...for knowing the best way to get from point A to point B...for knowing which neighborhoods to avoid...for living out of a suitcase and all those other little things that make traveling a hassle. So the countdown is on...this week, TGIF will have special meaning, since it's only three more days until I get to go home sweet home!!

Where I am: Tampa, FL


Anonymous said…
"Jump the shark" came from an episode of "Happy Days" where Fonzie actually jumped over a shark while waterskiing, all while wearing his trademark leather jacket. And the show was never the same. I had a "Jump the Shark" page-a-day calendar last year :-) Hope you're home now and enjoying it! ~Baxter

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