Is there any end in sight?

Since I've been in Florida, gas prices have been consistently above $2 per gallon...$2.07, $2.09, even $2.12. But today I saw a gas station with regular unleaded gasoline for (I recommend sitting down) $2.29 a gallon. Yes, $2.29 a gallon! I couldn't believe my eyes! Even more remarkable, they had the gall to charge that much while the stations around them were down around $2.12. Bleh...this is getting ridiculous!

But even though gas prices are so high, I was still flabbergasted to hear that Congress is finally giving its approval to drilling in the Arctic wildlife refuge in Alaska...I completely disagree that oil independence is so important as to risk spoiling our environment even more. I don't understand why we can't put all of that money and all of that effort and use it to further explore alternatives to oil instead. Bah...dumb politicians.

Where I am: Lake City, Florida


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