I Heart Scrapbooking!

Yep, it’s that time again…with Steven away for a drill weekend, it’s scrapbooking time! I started the weekend with a Creative Memories workshop, and continued catching up on my pages this morning. Here’s my scorecard:

Pages Assembled and Journaled: 3
Pages Assembled: 3
Pages Journaled (already assembled): 3
Number of times this weekend I’ve been proud of my work: Countless!

Some of my layouts were complex (well, complex for me), some were simple, but every one of them looks great. I also realized I am getting better at the journaling. For a while, I felt the need to be creative and catchy in my writing, but finally got it through my head that I should do what I’m most comfortable with…if that’s putting only a title, the date and the location on a page, that’s fine! So yay…journaling is looking easier every day.

I heart scrapbooking...it's so relaxing. Even though I don't always get as many pages finished as I would like, it's great to have time to be creative and express myself in my own little way.

Where I am: home (for two more days)


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