According to the stars...

I love reading horoscopes!! I know, I know, they're usually either not right, or worded so ambiguously that they could apply to anything. But you have to admit that, every now and then, a horoscope can be eerily on the money.

This is my horoscope for the month of March, as selected by Gainesville's InSite magazine:

"You've been on the fence too long concerning a career decision.
This is the month to say yea or nay.
Just be sure you're not taking the easy way out."

Although I haven't really talked much about possible job opportunities once I complete my time as a Region Consultant, they're there, and I am very much in a decision-making stage right now. So to read this, and have it hit so close to home, was just weird. Now I just have to decided which way is the easy way out...

Where I am: Gainesville, FL


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