100 Things to Know About Me: 21 - 40

It's been a while since I started my list, but here are more things to know about me...

21. My favorite television show is ABC's "Alias", which is the perfect combination of drama, adventure and romance. Oh yeah, and Sydney Bristow kicks butt!

22. I am not very good with my money. It's only been a few years since I learned how to keep my checkbook balanced and maintain a budget, and even now, I can easily go a little crazy shopping. But every year, I do a little better...I even allot money to my savings account on a regular basis, and have a (limited) financial plan in place.

23. By contrast, I am very, very good at taking care of other people's money. Any time I oversee finances for an organization or project, I am almost fanatical about being a good steward of those funds. Whereas I will easily spend many dollars of my own money without a second thought, I rarely spend a single dollar of my petty cash for work without double- and triple-thinking the expense.

24. In middle school, I played volleyball and basketball at Madonna del Sasso. I was horrible at both!

25. I use big words. Not just occasionally, but in everyday conversation. I don't do it consciously, but they seem to pop up no matter what I'm talking about or with whom.

26. I have cheated on a boyfriend. It was in high school, while I was at summer camp. Though I firmly believe it happened for a reason, it was also such an emotionally-challenging situation for both me and my boyfriend that I have maintained a vow to myself to never do it again.

27. I wear a toe ring. I started doing this during my sophomore year of college, after I found one in St. Croix on my Christmas vacation, and have worn one ever since. (I have a permanent indentation on my second toe of my right foot to prove it!)

28. The one really famous person I have met is Jamie Lee Curtis. Three friends and I had our picture taken with her behind the gate agent's counter in the Wilmington airport (pre-September 11, of course), as the rest of the crowd watched in disbelief (although we never determined if their disbelief was at our amazing luck to have a camera or our distasteful gall to ask for the picture in the first place).

29. I don't have common sense. Anyone who knows me will agree! In fact, my husband has sworn that I dye my hair brown to cover the blonde (no offense to the blondes in the audience!).

30. My favorite author of all time is Dean R. Koontz. His writing is amazingly detailed, and his stories are so well-planned. Even better, he often places his stories in central California, and captures the magic of that area so perfectly! If I had to choose one book of his above all others, it would be Lightning.

31. I am a Libra by birth and by trait. And no, I do not believe my Libran personality has been formed through the power of suggestion...in middle school, I had a passing fascination with astrology, and even then saw much of the Libra's attributes in myself.

32. For those who prefer Chinese astrology, I was born in the Year of the Horse. And yes, I embody those attributes as well.

33. I had the unfortunate luck to attend a college without a football team. I didn't realize how horrible that deprivation was until I started graduate school, where there was a football team. While I definitely have issues with how football programs affect their institutions, nothing beats going to a college football game in terms of spirit and energy.

34. My college did, however, have a good men's basketball team. I applied to be a manager for the men's team and was turned down; however, my application was passed along to the women's team, who hired me. I did that for one year before realizing the excessive and inflexible demands being placed on my time were too much for me.

35. Something else I gave up was playing the violin. I took lessons off and on from middle school through college, but never had the time or motivation to practice regularly enough to become good. I hope to eventually give it another try...provided Steven's ears can handle the pain.

36. Someone I admire greatly is Christian singer Rebecca St. James. Her spiritual passion and dedication are beautiful, and the music she uses to spread her faith is unique and soulful.

37. Another reason I admire Rebecca St. James is her views on dating relationships. As a Southern Baptist, I believe in abstinence until marriage...and I love her easy ability to make this perspective approachable and reasonable (which can be hard to do).

38. I like tomato-based foods such as ketchup, salsa and pasta sauces...but hate eating tomatos. I hate tomatos so much that I will pick every last piece out when I forget to order my salads without them.

39. On the same line, I love grape-flavored foods like jelly, candy and juice...but hate eating grapes. I think it's a problem with the skins.

40. And while I apparently used to eat bananas as a very little kid, the adult me can't stand anything banana-based. Even the smallest hint of banana flavor is gross.

That's all for now, folks...more to come!

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