When it comes to traveling to my chapters, I generally prefer flying to driving. Sure, you have to deal with security checkpoints, and sometimes be more creative with the packing, but I've found that flying, especially from my current homebase, is typically faster and easier. I waste less of my day traveling, and spend more time being productive.

Today, I realized that there is a second benefit to flying: I consume less caffeine. Since I have been driving so much lately (my last flight was three weeks ago!), I have been drinking way too much soda. I have a tendency when I am driving places to prefer soda over water...I'm not sure if it's because I think I need the caffeine and sugar, or what. Once I get to my destination, I go back to water. But on the road, it's all about the soda. (not pop...soda.)

So last week, when I was home for a day or two, I had this horrible headache. I couldn't get it to go away. Then, during lunch today, I started getting another one. I could just feel the pressure coming, but couldn't understand why. Until I realized that I hadn't had any caffeine today. I'm at home, so all I've had to drink are milk and water. So I succumbed to my caffeine withdrawals and walked down to the vending machine in the laundry room, and now have a mug of Coke at my side. But at least I'm only drinking one today, and not three or four.

I miss flying.


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