A most WICKED weekend

This weekend, I attended my very first WICKED conference in Amarillo, TX. (For those not in the know, WICKED = Western Interchapter Conference for Knowledge, Education and Development.) It was definitely a weekend of mosts...

Most Delicious Cake, found at the Big Texan and such a large slice that seven of us couldn't finish it off. (Picture six inches tall, three or four inches deep, and the outer wedge was at least three inches wide!) It was a chocolate layer cake, but even better, one of the layers was a creamy cross between pudding and frosting...yum!

Can you believe how big this cake is?!

Most Gigantic Rocking Chair, also at the Big Texan. Three of us fit into it with room to spare!

Most Adorable Musicians, also at the Big Texan (it was quite the experience!). The trio of a guitar player, a fiddle player and a bass player circled the dinner floor throughout the evening; at Baxter's request, they played Patsy Klein's "Crazy", and it was beautiful. Almost as good was their rendition of "Cotton-eyed Joe", which a number of brothers got up and danced to.

The Big Texan's answer to the mariachi band!

Most Unusual Buffalo Names, courtesy of the Panhandle Plains Museum. Daniella and Sue bought stuffed animal buffalos whose nametags identified both of them as "Buddy Buffalo." My buffalo, however, was a little smaller, so his name was longer: "Sweet Beauregard Buffalo." Yes, "Sweet Beauregard." He'll be going by Beau...can't have the other buffalo making fun of him.

Most Obnoxious Tour Guide, courtesy of the same Panhandle Plains Museum. Very rarely do I feel truly offended, but it was hard not to be when our tour guide started calling us children and implying we were stupid if we were chewing gum. (The youngest person in our group was nineteen.) Even worse, she asked us, a group of people who are members of an honor fraternity based on a tripod of ideals, if we knew how many "tri" represented in the word "triceratops". The word "condescending" was an understatement!

This is a triceratops. How many is "tri", children?

Most Well-Facilitated Discussion, on expansion by Lindsay. I had expected this to be a vent session, but Lindsay did a fantastic job of keeping the conversation focused and productive. There was a lot of useful discussion, and I am proud of her for doing so well.

Most Amusing (Random?) Nickname, courtesy of Sue. There were three of us staying in one room, each of us a lone traveler. Sunday morning, as we were eating breakfast, Sue came up with a nickname for us: Las Lonely Girls. We were tired enough to find it quite amusing, and I am sure it will pop up at some point in the future.

Most Relaxing PSP Experience this year. By this, I don't mean that my weekly trips to my different chapters are disappointing or unenjoyable; but they are work, nonetheless. This was the first time in over a year that I had no official responsibilities at a PSP event, and it was so relaxing. I got to simply hang out, and that's always been one of my favorite parts of national or interchapter events.

So a big round of applause to the planning committee for a job well done on a WICKED weekend! (Pictures on their way!)

Where I am: Austin, TX


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