Feeling dumb

Until yesterday, I had no idea how to burn a CD...I've never made a mix CD...I've never backed up files on a CD. (Yes, I'm more than a little behind the times in the technology department.) But when Steven and I invested in a big upgrade of a laptop back in August, we decided to include a CD/DVD burner in our purchase. We didn't exactly know what we were going to do with it, but it sounded like a good idea.

Five months later, in January, we finally bought a package of blank CD's. Since we had recently acquired a fantastic digital camera, the CD burner was starting to seem better and better...with one small catch: neither of us knew how to use it. But yesterday, six months after obtaining this great computer with all of these features, I gathered up my courage and prepared to burn CD's. We had a couple of memory cards and one CD worth of pictures to compile on one disc, and I had been promising Steven for weeks that I would take care of it. (I still don't understand why I volunteered, since I had no clue what I was doing, but it made sense at the time.) So I dig out the instruction manual, sit down at the computer, and say a little prayer that this will not be too hard.

Fifteen minutes later, I have two finished copies of the CD in my hand. Fifteen minutes...that's all it took! I feel like an idiot...the recording program on our laptop is so simple, a monkey could use it. All that fuss and worry for nothing. Bleh! My only consolation is that I learned something useful yesterday.

Where I am: Home, until noon, when I fly to Amarillo for WICKED


Anonymous said…
I AM SO JEALOUS! Waaah! So, not fair. I wanna go to WICKED. *sniff* Give the kids my love. OH and eat the 72 oz steak at the BIG TEXAN! God love Amarillo.


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