Worth the wait

I am a huge "Alias" fan. Fanatic? No, just devoted fan. So over the summer, when ABC announced that the next season of "Alias" wouldn't premiere until January 2005, I was mad. After seeing the sleazy "Desperate Housewives" they were showing in the "Alias" timeslot during the fall, I was even madder. But all the anger disappeared last night with the two-hour season premiere of one of the best shows around. (No, not "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model" or whatever it's called..."Alias". Duh.)

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed with the opening, as the ground rushing beneath the speeding train from which our star Jennifer Garner was hanging was very obviously computer generated and not well-blended, but then the story kicked in and all was forgiven. The premiere as a whole did not disappoint...in fact, it was extremely satisfying. And they've even brought back Marshall the techie, whose quirks and rambling are both endearing and funny.

So a toast, if I may...here's to Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC...may they continue to be captivating and intriguing. Salud!


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