A moment to brag

My boss does a pretty good job of motivating and encouraging the team of people I work on. He is generous with his praise, and direct but not harsh with his feedback. He and his boss are also the type of people to express their appreciation for a job well done. So we know that we do a good job, and know they are happy to have us.

But this afternoon, as part of our winter retreat, we had our individual performance reviews, and it was so rewarding to hear my boss formally acknowledge my strengths and hard work...things like being a huge asset, having a proactive and creative mind, having a great sense of humor that puts others at ease, and being a great employee who is a pleasure to work with. Those compliments, and that appreciation for my efforts, make the challenges and stress and frustration that can accompany my job so worthwhile.

Needless to say, my week ended on a pretty fantastic note. Happy Friday!


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