Darn technology!

So this morning, I typed this really cute story to post, but I typed it on my laptop. No problem, I thought...I'll just save it to a disk, and use the computer lab in the library to post it online. Sounds easy enough...unless the disk won't open on the computer in the computer lab. So the cute story about the cat who lives in the apartment I'm staying at will have to wait until tomorrow, after I go back to said apartment and figure out what's wrong with my darn disk.

To make up for not having a cute story, I have corny joke:

"Two pirate ships are sailing toward each other. One is carrying a load of red paint, and the other is carrying a load of blue paint (I guess they're modern pirates). They also must not have been very good pirates, because the two ships run into each other. So what happened to the pirates?

They were marooned."

Yeah, yeah, groan away...I happen to like this a lot, probably because my high school mascot was the Maroon (a pirate). Have a great week, everyone, and stay warm!

Where I am: Charleston, SC


Anonymous said…
I love corny jokes. And I love your corny jokes. Hooray for corny jokes.


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