"Considers carefully" in five letters

The answer is "moots". Yes, moots. I had no idea that "moot" could be a verb, as I've only ever used it as an adjective. But it's a verb.

My fellow consultant Josh and I just spent an hour and a half completing the USA Today crossword puzzle...yes, an hour and a half between the two of us. We started very slowly...so slowly that turtles were passing us...but once we figured out that the clues were plays on words, we were able to move a little faster. For example, we got hung up on "Goal for many club swingers" in three letters...we could not figure out what a goal would be for people hanging out at a night club. But when you think of club swingers in terms of sports (i.e. golf) and not nightly entertainment, the answer becomes obvious: par. (You can tell where our interests lie.)

And as for the obvious question of how we began working on a crossword puzzle in the first place...I don't really know. I guess we were feeling intelligent and maybe a little silly. But it was a fun way to pass the evening, and we amused Kristy in the process.


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