Wishing for snow

Reason 5827 that I will never be a true Texan: I love cold weather. As far as I can tell, people in Texas only like cold weather when they fly to the mountains that aren't in Texas; but if the coldness is here, in the Lone Star State, they really don't like it. (If any Texans disagree, please enlighten me!)

I, on the other hand, was blessed enough growing up to live in both warm and cold climates (Guam/California and Germany/Holland, respectively), so I'm one of those strange ones who feels just as at home on a ski slope as on a beach. So while I definitely enjoy the wonderful and long-lasting summer weather in Texas (I got to lay at the pool multiple times in November...maybe I do love this state!), I also am thrilled that the temperature has dipped into the 30's and 40's in the evenings. Better yet, I am even more thrilled that the chilly weather is staying.

Now all we need is snow...because really, what good is cold weather without snow? The only thing snowless cold weather is good for is annoying me and making me pine for the fluffy white stuff...which is bad, because it means I'll spend the next few months aggravated that it's cold enough for me to see my breath, but will never be cold enough to snow. Hmmm...maybe it would be better for the cold weather to leave now.


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