The Ultimate Christmas List

Are you excited? Christmas is only 4 days away! Only four days until our annual display of greed and materialism! As I mailed the last of my Christmas gifts today, I was thinking about what I would ask Santa for if money and realism were no object. Here's what I came up with:
  1. A silver VW Bug convertible with light grey interior and black dash, automatic, with CD player, and satellite radio (whose name I can't remember...not Sirius, but the other one)
  2. The beachfront house that I drooled over for seven years in Wilmington...the grey and white three-story (or was it four?) one at the far south end of Wrightsville Beach that has more space than anyone could possibly need but that has a beautiful view of the ocean, an entire corner of beach as its backyard, and an uninhabited natural preserve just across the inlet. There would be enough room for an open invitation to all of my friends and family at all times.
  3. A vacation home on Catalina Island...this one doesn't have to be big, just have enough room to spend a couple of weeks at a time comfortably, and a spot to clean and store my dive gear...for those who have never had the pleasure of scuba diving around Catalina Island , you are truly missing a beautiful thing. Oh, and regularly scheduled excursions to Santa Barbara Island to dive at the Sea Lion Rookery...even better than diving on Catalina, getting to spend thirty to forty-five minutes watching sea lions at play should make even the grumpiest person smile.
  4. A lifetime supply of Godiva chocolate...enough said
  5. My own private plane, to fly me and my friends to our favorite diving and relaxing haunts, and those untried sites we wanted to audition as possible new favorites
  6. A cruise around the world...yes, every cruise offered, rolled into one: Europe, the Caribbean, South America, Baja and Alaska, with unlimited port calls and shore excursions. Everyone's invited, of course.

Not too much, right? Ah, a girl can dream. Until dreams become reality, I will be happy with that which I can afford, and have been blessed with.


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