I'm a genius!

Okay, so maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm simply smart enough to know how to read the directions. That's the cool thing about technology...I have no idea how some things function, but if I just follow the directions, they seem to work anyways, despite my lack of knowledge.

This blogging venture is a perfect example. I know absolutely nothing about making websites or writing in html...but in less time than it will take me to write this post, I managed to add two fun little sections to my page that allow my dear readers to tangent off to those blogs I enjoy visiting on a regular basis, and links to things that are important to me. "Places I Visit" and "What Matters to Me"...check them out, and be impressed! All I had to do was read the appropriate "how-to" in the support section, and perform some "cut and paste" magic. Amazing what reading directions can do...now if only I could get my husband to stop and ask for them.


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