I should be working...

...but it's hard to get a lot done when there's not a lot to do. Worse, the work I do have turned out to be easier than I thought it would be, and isn't due for another couple of weeks. Here I thought I'd be slaving away day after day trying to write these summary reports, but now I've gotten the hang of them and am almost zooming through them. So I'm trying to spread that project out. I mean, better to have a little bit of slow time every day than an entire day or two of slow time, right?

I wonder if working on my Phi Sigma Pi scrapbook counts as work? Hmmm, probably not, but man, I could get a lot done on it over the next couple of weeks. I guess I'll go check my email again, and then take an early lunch. Maybe if I wish hard enough, something major will happen while I'm out to lunch that will occupy my entire afternoon. Ready? Set? Cross my fingers and go!


Anonymous said…
I think the scrapbook would count. I think you should count it. :) I won't tell. Oh and I loved your photos from convention!!!


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