A big thank you to Karen and her mom, Judy!

(at Applebee's with Delta Kappa chapter, December 5)

I love giving gifts to people! In fact, if there's one reason I wish I made more money, it's that I would really like to give more and better gifts to my friends and family, not just for Christmas, but for all occasions that warrant celebration. Last weekend, I spent the night at my friend Karen's after visiting one of my chapters. Since her graduation, her birthday and Christmas were all in the next few weeks, I decided to bring all of her gifts, rather than hassle with mailing them.

The other part of me loving to give gifts is that I don't expect them in return...no, really! Okay, I like receiving gifts as much as the next person, but I never expect or presume that those to whom I give gifts will return the gesture. Me giving a gift is my way of letting people know I appreciate them and enjoy the special joys they bring to my otherwise-dull life. So when Karen expressed a small twinge of guilt at not getting me anything, I shrugged it off and told her not to worry.

But did she listen? Being the silly girl that she is, of course not. So today the UPS man brought a fun, colorful and fuzzy blanket to my house, courtesy of Karen and made by her mom. I love it! It's red with yellow kitties on it, and will be great to spread over my lap while I work. So to Karen and her mom Judy - thank you, and lots of hugs to both of you!


Anonymous said…
You are most welcome. And of course you are more than welcome to crash at my place anytime! It was a real treat to have you here. Have a very happy holiday, sweetheart! :)

--Karen (and her mom)

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