The BIG Story

On the news last night, they had some big stories: Scott Peterson's recommended sentence, an escaped convict here in town, the usual run of car accidents and fires...but "The BIG Story" of the night? The story that ran second to Scott Peterson's fate? The cold weather. I guess it was a reminder (in case I had forgotten) that yes, I live in Texas, where it stays pretty mild throughout the year. How cold was it? 10 degrees? Maybe 0? No...the big story of the night was the freezing or near-freezing temperatures (around 30 degrees) we were forecast to have last night and tonight. Never mind that the northern regions were getting snow...we had near-freezing temperatures! Everyone together now...Ooooooo. The video clips that accompanied this big story reminded me of the clips they show when an area is preparing for a hurricane (you know, when people run out to the appropriate stores at the last minute and clean them out of the necessary materials). This time, it showed people at the hardware stores buying out the pipe insulation and at the clothing stores buying out the winter jackets. I know, I shouldn't poke fun...but it's so easy when the stories are so ridiculous!


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