All I want for Christmas... the 732 acres of land for sale in Buffalo County, Texas. Yes, the land may be in Middle-of-Nowhere, Texas. No, I have no idea what I would actually do with that much land, nor did I see anything but the small strip along I-45 to know what condition it's in. But those are irrelevant facts...what matters is how unbelievably appealing it would be to have that much land to do with as I pleased.

After passing the "For Sale" sign on my way home from Karen's this afternoon, I spent the better part of the remaining drive daydreaming about owning that land. I know how to drive a tractor (or at least, I used to...and driving a tractor is like riding a bike, right?), so keeping the fields manageable wouldn't be a problem. I could build a beautiful house in the middle of all that land with a serene, open-to-nature's-beauty yoga studio...sit on the porch to watch the starry, starry night unpolluted by city lights...sleep like a baby in the peaceful splendor...have the bunny I keep telling the husband we our own "Field of Dreams"...the possibilities go on and on like the Energizer bunny. I mean, that much land sounds almost ridiculous when so many people are willing to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars to live on a one-acre plot surrounded by dozens of the same. But what a luxury that would be, to have even half of that land all to ourselves.

Maybe one day...


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