A weekend well spent

I am inevitably behind schedule when it comes to seeing movies. Part of this stems from the fact that I like a wide variety of movies, so I subsequently have a lot of genres to keep up with. The other reason this happens is because, as much as I like movies, I typically am practical enough to find better things than a night at the movies for two to spend money on (that happens when your husband is in college). So usually, we wait until movies arrive at Blockbuster, and even then, it may be a while before I see some of them.

But this weekend, I managed to catch up by not one, but two films! The first was "Saved!"...I had the house to myself Friday night, and a silly-looking teen satire seemed like the perfect way to pass the hours. One word: hilarious! I'm not sure that everyone would find it hilarious, but if you're one of those people who became a Christian in high school, spent many hours at FCA meetings and morning prayer circles, taught second graders about Jesus and His eternal love during vacation Bible school, and maybe even played in the church's youth orchestra (and I use the term "orchestra" lightly!), then went to college and discovered the bigger world beyond the Bible Belt of Kentucky, you understand why I couldn't stop laughing! Do I want to add the DVD to my collection? No. Am I glad I saw it? Absolutely!

Then, Saturday night, Steven and I saw "Friday Night Lights" in the theater. Great movie, and well done. (Stop here if you don't want the ending ruined. If you choose to keep reading, well, I warned you.)

But I happen to be one of those nerds who has to read the book before I see the movie (except The Lord of the Rings trilogy...I'm doing that backwards!). That meant that I knew how the ultimate football game was going to end. I knew that, no matter how hard the team started playing in the second half of the final game, they were going to lose. Yet that's also how I knew it was a good movie...even knowing how the game ends, I got completely caught up in the action and wondered if they had decided to go Hollywood and make it a happily ever after ending (which they didn't...way to be truthful, Hollywood!).

Two down, only a hundred to go...oh, and the holiday season is fast approaching, meaning that I will never catch up!


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