Stuffed as a turkey

So my parents came to visit me and the husband for Thanksgiving. While it's always nice to see them, a visit by Mom and Dad usually means eating out. I don't know why, because I'm a pretty good (if basic) cook, and it seems less expensive for three to four people to eat in rather than eat out. While I actually did get to cook one night (manicotti, if you must know), this past week was no exception. But Steven and I were prepared, and had hand-selected places where my parents absolutely had to eat. And because I have nothing else to write about, I would like to share with you Steven and Lee's Guide to Local Eateries:

Water Wall (a burger joint) - The burgers are greasy and fattening, but they are also delicious. The wall-size fake waterfall on the brick-paved veranda may be an odd choice for a burger place, but it also makes for great atmosphere.

Pappas Barbeque (duh) - This place ties with Hickory Creek Smoke House (in downtown Dallas) as having the best BBQ I've ever eaten. Steven agrees, which says a lot. (He's from Texas, and a self-admitted BBQ snob.) Chopped or sliced, the beef is unbelievable!

Jason's Deli - Yes, this is a rather large chain. But the sandwiches still rock, and the salad bar has a pretty good selection. Oh, and the free ice cream doesn't hurt, either.

Chuy's (Mexican) - There's Mexican food, and then there's Chuy's. You start with their tangy spicy ranch dip and an outstanding queso (with fajita beef and salsa mixed in)...then you have one of their famous margaritas...and then you have dinner, hopefully served with the mouth-watering homemade tortillas. Drooling yet? I would eat at Chuy's every week if I could afford it!

and finally, although my parents didn't get to go with us on Sunday to this restaurant, I must include:

King Buffet (Chinese) - Not only do they have a well-stocked sushi buffet, but also they have the tastiest crab rangoons ever. They go beyond the traditionally bland cream-cheesy mix, adding spinach and spices to make them good enough that you could make a meal out of them alone.

Wedged in there among all of this delicious food was a well-done Thanksgiving spread ay my grandmother-in-law's that included a Honey-Baked ham and pumpkin pie. So, in a good-faith effort to work off all that food, I'm off to the gym. Happy Monday!


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