Still recovering...

Okay, so it's been three days since I returned from National Convention in Memphis...and I still can't adequately describe what a good time I had. This was my first year attending convention as anything other than a POB, so I wasn't sure just how much playtime there would be. Turns out, there was plenty of play time (even if it was at two in the morning). Rather than create a detailed novel-length story of Wednesday through Sunday, I have created, for your viewing pleasure, my rather long list of things that made convention great. In no particular order:

"It must be recess in heaven, because there are angels on Beale Street." - a bouncer on Beale Street

"Oh boy!" and "I'm so proud of you!" - Barry Mitsch quoting Dr. Todd

Visiting Graceland in all its 70's-decorated glory

Having the King as a guest of honor at Saturday night's banquet, thanks to the ever-crazy and fun Bo

"I hate it when people wear glitter." - Hoyt

"lazy POB" - a brother

"Is this a Hoyt-and-Colleen discussion?" - Esther and Kristy

"Josh, you reek of awesomeness." - ?

Beta O winning Most Improved Old Chapter, their very first chapter award! ("I'm so proud of you!")

Josh waiting ten minutes on the phone for directions to the pizza place...oh, that explains why it would take an hour to deliver!

Learning how to be an audiovisual tech

"You just made us less cool than Celine Dion." - Josh to Kristy at Blues City Cafe

Making good use of duct tape

Building beautiful castles, and having brothers compliment our work!

Esther and Kristy being challenged in the joust to raise money for Subrosa

"Maybe we'll get a puppy." - Josh

"You lucky bitch! This is the best night of your life!" - drunk guy to Kristy when he introduced her to Teenie Hodges

Me: "Josh, quit checking your pockets."
Josh: "Actually, this time it's necessary." - as we walk into the Blues City Cafe and get carded

Never giving Hoyt his crown

Flying home with six Delta Upsilon and two Delta Phi brothers (and regretting that we didn't do a brotherhood check on the plane)

"You've never seen me dance. It makes babies cry." - Josh, after being asked to dance

Driving to Arkansas to have lunch at Cracker Barrel, and getting another bad CB waitress

Seeing a different side of Josh: "You f***er!" as he flips off the SUV who just cut us off

Taking the trolley in the rain, and seeing Southern hospitality at its finest (thanks to the unknown gentlemen who offered us their seats!)

Being sandwiched on the dance floor by Gamma Phi brothers

"You didn't take a picture of my ass, did you?" - Finn

Receiving THE Official Region Consultant 2004 National Convention Mix CD from Josh, proving that he really does love us, chick flicks and all.

And that about does are coming soon, when I have the time to download them. (For more funny stories, visit my dear brother and friend Karen.) Until then, I will end by saying a big Thank You to all of my brothers for making my first convention as a staff member so much fun.


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