The Lesser of Two Evils

What does it say about our presidential candidates when the race to the White House is so close? If I were John Kerry, I would be suffering from a massive identity complex right now: "Do the American people really like me for me, or do they just dislike my opponent so much that they will support me to remove him from office?"

Yes, I voted yesterday...for Kerry and Edwards. And while part of my rationale in selecting him was support for some of his ideology (particularly his support for stem cell research and his belief in equal rights for gay couples), I admit that part of my choice was based on voting against Bush. I cannot in good faith support a President who has blatantly lied to our country and led hundreds of servicemen and women to their deaths as a result of those lies. Is Iraq (and the world) safer without Saddam Hussein and his cronies in power? Sure, but to what extent will we allow the end to justify the means?

Like many others, I watched the projections last night, and finally went to bed in disgust when Fox gave Ohio to George W. Bush. Living in Texas, I knew that the most my vote would do is demonstrate a principal. But even North Carolina, John Edwards' home state, voted for Bush. And in very few states were the margins impressive. In many states, the percentages were within 10%, or even within 5%. How can we say that Bush's victories are respectable or commendable? To be elected by so slim a margin means that almost as many people dislike him as like him.

I know so little about politics that I won't rant foolishly anymore...but I will ask that everyone say a little prayer tonight that both parties will spend the next four years finding candidates who can truly galvanize our country. We should not be settling for an okay President; we should have nobody but the best leading our country. Don't we deserve that?


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